Our Vision

Full of enterprising spirit, AWASYAK SELLICO PVT LTD founding member and whole time director Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bhuiya. loved to venture into unknown territories with courage and conviction. While looking for a stable job to contribute to his household expenses, he began his long journey into the direct selling industry. His will to make it big remained undeterred despite his difficult financial condition and various setbacks.

A people's person at the heart, he moved inch by inch closer to realize his dreams. His initial struggling days at direct selling business not only strengthened his resolve but also made him embark upon the mission of touching lives. Determined to take the Indian direct selling business to recognition and respectability, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bhuiya has ambitious plans for AWASYAK SELLICO PVT LTD . As part of his overseas business strategy, he plans to establish extensive network of AWASYAK SELLICO PVT LTD business all over the world and offer interesting business opportunities to people of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. "Destiny shall pave the path for those who willingly face the downfalls" "Leaders lead by examples and not merely with words".

Awasyak Sellico
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